Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Superheroes!

W.A.L.T: Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
If I had a superpower it would have to be singing powers because I could be able to sing any song in the world. I also like it because if someone was on a highspeed chase I could sing so loud I could make them past-out and then the police don’t have to catch them, I already did. What I really like about this power is that I could go and win the X factor, Britain's got talent, Australia’s got talent and singing contests.

My spectacular singing powers would feel like a whirlwind is powerfully striking you multiply but it feels gooooood. It would look like shiny glittery magic with heaps of astonishing colorful sprinkles going down a waterfall. They are like butterflies coming out of a beautiful rainforest with blueberries in every single tree. My powers would feel like too me that i’m eating a burrito and drinking a frozen coke.

I would use my powers to save the world by singing so loud I could make people pass out so the cops don’t have to catch them and put them in jail, instead I can. I would also use it for waking people up so if someone’s sleep walking i’ll get a call and scream to wake him or her up. But it would be great for a fire because I said it felt like a tornado hitting you, so if there's a fire I could blow it all the way into the water. I would always be alerted if their was a crime so if there's someone like the Hulk I would scream a high pitch and turn them back too normal so that if their bad they won’t be so strong and powerful.

I think having these incredible powers would be awesome because it could be good for anything. Like using them to help the police, nightmares, singing contest and competitions. If I had an extra power it would be hypnotizing powers so if someone is being mean or bad, I can hypnotize them into being good.
Today we had written effective paragraphs about superpowers. We,class 6 literacy had to write about superpowers we would want if we had them, mine was singing powers. After we had finished writing our pecies of art we had to get a buddy and read theres and change them up with some more juicy words to marks their for our rubrics. 

We learned to recraft our writing with juicy words. I learnt today to always read your work and recraft it in'till it's the best that you can do it. I also learnt that when you write to the top it feel really good.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Mario Writing

WALT: write effective paragraphs.

Mario is a side scrolling game that you can play on chromebook, nintendo and other digital devices. The Mario franchise was the best selling game of all time. Mario was made in 1989, it was originally played on the old school nintendo’s until it came on computers and other devices.

The aim of the game in Mario is to pass the levels. To past the levels you have to collect the mushrooms which makes you grow big. Dodge the angry brown monster or jump on them to kill them or get eaten and restart the level. An then to get to the next level, jump on a glowing green object that looks like it will buzz but is actually a portal or some type of time machine which takes you back to the menu and you select `the next level.

Mario is a boy character from a game, he is from italy. He dresses up in red and blue and has a red hat with a white M on it, he also has a mustache and a big nose. Mario grows big when ever he eats a mushroom and whenever he jumps on a monster he launches into the air.  Mario can also duck into a ball, “I am not sure what it does but it must come in handy”.

In the game Mario you use the arrows to move, jump and crouch. To make Mario jump you press the up arrow which will help you collect the mushroom and help you destroy and jump over or on the enemies. To crouch you press the down arrow, it helps by hiding or crawling
under things. If you want to move sideways you press the left and right button, but be careful if you run too much you could accidently fall off a cliff, get eaten by an enemy or fall into the water.                                         

My thoughts on this game were fantastic but one thing I hated about this game was level three because I couldn't eat the mushroom, it was too hard too even get to it and get back. I recommend this game to four to eleven year olds because I know some people who are eleven who like to play this but not twelve year olds.. I liked this game because it was fun and it wasn't to easy or too hard. I might still play it when it’s holidays.

This week we had to write 4 paragraphs about Mario. If you don't know much about mario click the link. This game use to be the best-selling game in the world.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Class words

  WALT:We are learning how identify different word classes using pictures

Description:Today we had an example of putting different word classes like what you see right here. After a we Finished we did some drawing.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Week 8 Problem Solving

Problem 2:  WALT: solve problems with fractions

Today I had learnt more about using fractions in a defferent way. I had talked more about the denominator then usual.

Week 7 Problem Solving

WALT: Solve problems with fractions
I had learnt more about fractions.By solving them with timetables, I had found problem two a little bit hard but managed to complete by trying hard.

Week 9 Maths Teacher Lesson

               W.A.L.T:Add and subtract fractions
Today we had Added and subtracted fractions. I learnt about only plusing the numerator but not the denominator.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Math Teacher Lesson Week 8

       W.A.L.T: Solve problems with fractions
Today my group compasses had learnt about solving problems with remainders and fractions. I learnt in fractions it's not always about thinking you can do it, it's about trying hard and using dividebys.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Week 9 Maths Teacher Lesson

Walt: Find equivalent questions. 

Task: Our task was to work as a group to learn new things such as this (finding equivalent fractions). We had to complete this, we had a few goes at it our selves. Hope you liked it

Monday, 8 June 2015

Sports day

Walt: research and work collaboratively.
Our task was to work together in a team. An write about a sport for this presentation called Sports Day.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Math's Teacher lesson Week 5

WALT:Solve Problems with Decimals
Task Description:What I have learnt about decimals is that it's smaller than 1 and they have place
holders the holds the last zero. We were looking at units, tenths, hundredths and
thousandths and tried to solve the question so the next time we the compasses
will be looking it a negative number.

Math Problem Solving Week 5

This is my Maths Problem Solving I have solved two problems that my teacher has
give me to do. If you push the button on the right on my presentation it will take
you to my problems and my ways that I have solved the problems. I have done
my problems and come up with a answer when I have solved it out how to get
the answer.

Solving problems with Division

Task description:Today we had to solve problems with division. We had to awnser hard question but make it easy.

Solving Multiplication problems

WALT:Solve Multiplication problems

Task Description: The task was to use learn about how to solve complicated multiplication problems.Here is a video from the Protractors and Compasses solving.

Math lesson:Week Six

            Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

 Task Description:The task was to solve division problems. We could either use Multiplication or Division.