Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bees Reflection

Hi i'm Omari and this is my reflection about Bees. This term extension has been learning about bees and how they are surviving and dying. We heard that Bees are so important to earth because of many things.

Today the 3rd of December a beekeeper had come in to talk to us about bees. Her name was Rosemary and she showed us beehives with bees in them and larvaes. She also showed and talked to us about Varroa mites, nectar, facts about bees and life and more.
I learnt about heaps of thing about bees this term. I learnt that bees help in a lot of things like food, billions of dollars being lost when bees die, flowers, hive and more. I hope next year we do more fun things like this and see more experts.

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  1. WOW!!! Omari

    Hi omari Dezarae here that is so cool that you and the Extension group got to eat and see bees and honey that soounds amazing keep it up with your wonderful work omari (:


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