Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Math's Problem Solving Week 2

Walt: add and subtract decimals
This week we have been adding and subtracting decimals. I had been adding the ones to make a ten which made it easy to add.

Auxiliary Verbs

Walt: We are learning about auxiliary verbs and using them in sentences.

Auxiliary Verbs are helping verbs. They tell and show when or will you are doing something e.g I am skipping or I have skipped or I will skip or I was skipping

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Number 1 Delish

        Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.
The Number 1 Delish
Jaffas chocolate, mmmmm so yum it makes you want more and more and more and more.

Jaffas chocolate is a mixture of cadbury milk chocolate and pieces of jaffas. The price of the jaffas chocolate is $3.50. It is a special edition king size chocolate.

When I saw the red in the chocolate instantly I knew it was Jaffas chocolate so I just couldn't wait to eat it because I loved it. The smell was as rich as a freshly baked chocolate cake. When I digged in it felt as hard as rock. It was so bumpy in my mouth it felt like I was driving a car on the bumpiness.

If I was to improve this product I would take the pieces of jaffas out and swap it with heaps and heaps of popping candy. I would let the milk chocolate stay the same because if it wasn't for that it would be disgusting.
I would recommend this product a 4. out of 5 because it’s delicious but the jaffas I do not like. I had given it a four because the jaffas was nice only because I ate it with the milk chocolate. If I was too say my favourite chocolate it would be marvelous creations first original chocolate.
Description:On Monday we had a taste of some chocolate. After we ate the chocolate we had to write what we thought of it to paint a picture in your mind.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Miami High Rise Window Cleaning

                                                        Walt: put ourselves into the text.
Task Description:Today we had to make a application poster for window washing. My window washing company is called Miami High Rise Window Cleaning. I had changed this old poster into my own one of a kind poster.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My Conjuctions

WALT:  We are learning about conjunctions and how to use them in sentences.

Basic conjunctions

Conjunctions join two parts of a sentence and help to show the connection between the two parts of the sentence.
and tells you more
Here are examples of conjunctions you can use in your sentences:
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.01.00 AM.png

  • We went home and went straight to bed.

  • They are rich but they aren’t happy.

  • We went home because we were tired.

  • We went home early, so we missed the end of the concert.

  • We went home when Jane wanted to.

  • We went home before the concert ended.

  • We went home after Max Jones had sung his first song.

  • We went home although / though we did not really want to.

  • We will go home if we are tired.

only if

Gene can go to school because her mum said she needs to  learn.

Lena has a sore foot but she got it massaged so it wasn't sore.

Katareina won't be going to the movies unless she does the choirs.

Sione can ride his bike only if he has training wheels.

Sally climbed a tree while she was playing hide n seek.

Kyle walked home from school since 3:30 to 3:45

Simon was full from dinner when eating a mega mac

Anna watched her sister after eating lunch.

Scott was in charge if he did the cleaning up.

Shelley played ripper rugby although she broke her leg.

Description:Today we have been learning about conjuctions. We had to highlight the conjuctions in the sentences and after we finished that we had to finish the sentences with the conjuctions on top that we could only use all of those words once.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Bean bags for hire the whole day for 3pt

Image result for blue bean bagW.A.L.T:pursued the reader to agree with our message.
Bean bags for hire

Bean bags are the most luxurious comfortable cushions to relax and sit on, they are number 1.

During boring class time it begins, once you sit down the adventure starts, its like riding a soft cute dragon on to a tropical island where you go too relax. Instead of sitting on the floor or on a chair, you will be able to show off and sit on the magnificent dragon bean bag to do your work.

The bean bags are filled with cute little soft beans and covered in a nice fluffy rubber skin. They can be moulded into the shape of anything. You can choose good or great to take a seat on the bean bag, or to use it to lean back on.

The bean bags come in two different colours. A light pale blue one, and a sunset green one. It’s your choice which one you want to take and sit on.

The price is 3pt. You pay once at the beginning of the day and then keep the beanbag for the rest of the day.

Remember for 3pt you can sit on the beanbag anytime during class all day.
Description:For this task we had to recraft a peice of writing that our teacher gave to us. We had to write in such a way that it persuaded our reader to hire a bean bag. Some of us had chosen to use the thesauras but I have not.