Thursday, 27 November 2014

Steps for a paper mache mask

My recount of the Art gallery

 Introduction                                                                 On friday guess where the year fives travelled?If you guessed the Art gallery then you are right.If you did not then sorry but you are wrong.We had gone to the Art
gallery because this term we are learning about art.

                             Studio session
     After morning tea we followed a lady named Mandy into a studio session.She gave us a cardboard jar each.So we could draw a special day we liked.The day I chose was halloween.

                                     Lego playing
After lunch time we had the decision to choose to goto the learning centre or lego room.We chose to play with the lego and build cities and our names.When we were finished playing with lego we went to the light show.

I loved the Art gallery but when we left I was sad and bored.I can’t wait to go back to the art gallery for my third time.See you later.