Thursday, 29 May 2014

Omari's my favourite things

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Omari's what's buoyancy

A long time ago in Syracuse, Ancient Greece there was a great Mathematician named Archimedes’.One day when he was taking a bath he discovered something life changing.When he got in some water got displaced and it overflowed over the bath tub.
Archimedes’ discovery got him thinking.He was so excited that he ran through the streets without any clothes on shouting “Eureka Eureka”.This meant I have found it in greek.

He  figured  out that if you put something in water and it is lighter than the amount of water being displaced,the object will float.This is noan as buoyancy or the Achimedes’pricipil.If the object can float it is buoyant.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Omari's action world

P1:Last week was so cool because I went to the youth town holiday program.I and the youth town kids went action world,Mt Albert pools,tip top tour,loyd elsmore pools,movies and the Curtis skate park.My favourite was Action world because their was a trapeze and it was very high,when I tried it I was very nervous but it was actually fun.

P2:My favourite place was Action world.”It was so cool,my favourite activity was the giant trapeze but first you had to conquer the swinging monkey bars”.First you had to do steps to learn to do tricks on the trapeze.

P3:What I loved about action world is whenever you fall you land of inflatable cushions.My other favourite activity at action world was fighting our opponents with the bump off sticks.The activity I didn't like was the crazy ladder because once I got on I fell off.

P4:Youth town and I enjoyed Action world,it was so fun.I hope next time the trapeze is  even higher and everything else is very tricky for us.What’s your Action world like fun or boring?