Friday, 29 May 2015

Paua Shells Sports Day

Today we had done a sports day presentation.We had write about sports.We also team up in our reading groups, I was in Paua Shell With Mr Goodwin

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Winter's Coming

                                            Walt: write a news style report

         Get ready it’s gonna be stone cold!

Winter is almost here! So keep calm and stay warm.
Some kids can be affected by the flu or all sorts of other stuff. So stay inside, put your heater on and keep warm. Walking to school can affect kids/students because we could get frosty cold and sick lie the flu.

Students at Pt England school like Mubashshir say we should come to school even though it’s raining. He also says we should be a mufti school so we can wear warm gear and jackets without a dress past.

Olivia a kid at Pt England School says “we should stay at home on rainy days because I thinks we will get shivering cold and sick”. He also says that “it would be better if we were a mufti school because of heaps of reasons”.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Omari's Wii-U Advice

                    WALT:Find proof of the authors message
Today we had got a letter from Brendon,he had bought him a Nintendo Wii-U console and
does not know what game he should buy so my advice presentation is about  helping people with problems.An helping people have a better future.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Three Little Pig's News Report

    WALT: Write a News report
    3 News:The Third Pig Survives

Two little pigs have had their homes demolished and have been killed from the big bad wolf after being kicked out, Luckily the third little pig/brother had survived and eliminated the big bad wolf!

The two little pigs had built their houses like they didn't care, unfortunately they were not strong enough for the big bad wolf. As he was able to blow it down with just his mighty breath. The first little pig’s house was made out of just straw, his house was shockingly crushed and he himself had been nibbled by the wolf. The second little pig had made his mansion out of plain weak sticks, it had also been exterminated down to toothpicks, as well as he himself eaten by the hungry wolf.

The third little pig had built a brick house, he had concentrated really hard on his brick house.His brick house was too strong for the wolf’s mighty blow.The wolf had tried to get in the chimney of the house, the third little pig new and put on a fire.The wolf reportedly did not know and fell into the pot,he was burned to death.

Do you feel like this is your fault?
Answer:A little bit because I had kicked them out. But I didn't cause any of the trouble.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Math's Problem Week 4

Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

In the afternoon we had to create a Math's Problem Solving for our blog log Math's time. We got 2 questions to answer in the presentation and solving it without ways to get the answer. After I finished I thought of other possible ways to get the answer.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Solving Problems

WALT: Solve Multiplication Problems                                     
Our task was to Solve multiplication Problems with strategy.I had to solve it out with ways to get the answer and get it right with the good ways.

The Massive Nepal Interview

WALT:Find proof of the authors message.
Story: Level Ten
Character: Terry

Planning space
Write what details you know and can guess.
eg. Age, Gender
Name Terry, 13 years old boy
What are their interests do you think?
He loves to play games a lot, loves controls.Game freak.Cool, weird, knows everything about keyboards and mouses.
What country do you think they live in?
New Zealand, Wellington.
Would their life have been affected by the earthquake in Nepal do you think?
Yes because he might of died or lost his mum.Or he might get no power and get sad because he lost family and his computer a'int working.'
How might their lives have been affected if an earthquake hit in their city?
He would be really sad because maybe his school got destroyed and all his other favourite places.
Is there anything that the character could do, or might do, to help the people in Nepal who have suffered from the earthquake?
Yes he could donate money or become a rescuer when he gets older and help them.

His name is Terry and he’s 13 to 14 years old and lives in Wellington.He loves to play games I read a book about him and he played Level Ten.

Did you know that he would probably give donations for Nepal?

Did you know Terry would be so sad if an earthquake was where he lived?

Terry said he would donate every penny in his piggy bank to help save lives in Nepal?

Description:Our task was to ask Terry if a Earthquake hit his city how would he be affected about it.

Friday, 1 May 2015

About Mr Wiseman

                                                                Pt England School
                                            Walt: write a lead paragraph of a news report
Last week a year ⅞ Senior teacher at Pt England school named Mr Wiseman had a newborn baby.Mr Wiseman had been away from school for pretty long.When she came the whole school heard her name was is Ailah and she is a girl.
Description:Today we had to write a news report about Mr Wiseman's Baby Ailah. It had to have three sentences and had to have Detail.We are looking forward to seeing a picture.