Friday, 28 February 2014

Omari's brilliant facts about butterflies

Me and my friend

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I like my friend because she's really

Qualities of my best friends

What makes a good friend? What a good friend means sharing. In my words I would say caring for a friend would be really nice or giving them a big cheer. Well my names Omari and this is where you come and find out what a good friend is.

Being a good friend is something I call nice, giving, honest or brave.If I had a friend I would hope he is very brave because if there was an emergency he would we able to save my life. Man I wish to have any friend but not kids who bully me or anyone else.

My friends are really nice and positive.They always have my back but if I tell their secrets they won’t trust me that why I don’t like telling anything to anyone even if it’s a bully.I like having friends because it reminds me about my cousins and family.

My whole family makes me think of love and courage and that why I want to be a famous rugby league player or something. Friends Are fantastic. What are your friends like?